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Swan Yixing 3 pc Teapot Set


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Graceful Swan Chinese Yixing Clay Teapot 3 Piece Set

For centuries, Yixing (pronounced “ee-shing”) Teapots have been the preferred tea brewing vessel of the Chinese and of tea drinkers worldwide. Yixing teapots are intended for individual use, producing 1- 2 servings of tea.

Yixing Teapots are made from purple clay known as Zisha and as the demonstrates the clay is found Yixing region of China.
The porousness of the purple clay will absorb the flavor, smell, and color of the tea that is brewed in it after repeated use the Yixing teapots develops “seasoning” which adds to the flavor of the tea.

To clean this type of teapot, simply rinse the teapot out with hot water.
Never use soaps or cleansers,
as they may be absorbed by the porous clay and interfere with the taste of your tea.

Color: Brown
Teapot holds 10 oz.
Cups hold 2 oz.
Made in Yixing, China


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