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I’ve used tea in baking but this takes it to a new level.

John Aylward from the Boulevard Market (pictured) in Tecumseh, MI has created an
Asiago cheese coated with olive oil, sea salt and our Masala Chai (pictured).
During the aging process the spice flavor from the chai
seeps through the cheese block giving it an awesome flavor.

The response has been fantastic!.
John said ” On Saturday, their store (owned by John & Erika Aylward) and both
farmers market (Ann Arbor and Saline) sold out”.
He’s also experimenting with a goat cheese topped with
our Chamomile Lavender tea and drizzled with thistle honey.

Asiago cheese is a semi-soft cheese .
It tastes sweet, buttery, delicate and tangy and has a slightly,
salty aftertaste. The taste is reminiscent of cream and fresh milk.

Boulevard Market is located at
102 E Chicago Blvd, Tecumseh, MI 49286
Telephone (517) 423-6000