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Simple! Easy! Fast! Clean!

Just clip the basket to the inside of your mug and add your tea.
The Hook Handle Tea Infuser & Dish Set has no moving parts,  no twisting, screwing, cranking, dunking or dipping
necessary. The open basket allows the leaves to unfurl and release their full flavor.

The extra-fine 0.3 mm hole stainless-steel tea infuser gives you a perfect  steep every time.,
Fine enough to steep fine loose-leaf Rooibos to large whole-leaf teas like Oolong tea.

The stainless steel basket easily rinses clean when you’re done. And of course, we love the simplicity.
Included is a colorful dish so you can store your infuser after steeping.

Colors Available:


Care Instruction & Warning:

  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Microwave-safe, infuser holder only.
  • Use caution when handling hot water.
  • Use baking soda dissolved in warm water to clean tea stain as needed.