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Some time ago I stumbled onto a lavender flavored honey recipe and wondered if  I could adapt it our herbal tea. So last October I tried it with our Blood Orange and Red Bush Chai, both are herbal and caffeine free. I have attempted this with our flavored rooibos herbal teas and tea ( Camellia sinensis).

Wow, what a surprise. I gave it to a couple of our customers and to my surprise they
wanted to purchase it.
Use about 2 tablespoons of Blood Orange or Red Bush Chai per 1 cup (8 ounces) of honey. The herbs will absorb some of the honey so you’ll end up with about 6 ounces when it’s all done.


* Clean, dry jars and lids (half-pint and pint mason jars work well)
* Wooden or plastic spoon handle, (avoid metal, this can the scratch jars)
* Clean cloth/paper towels for wiping jar rims. Keep extra on hand because this could be
messy the first time you do it.
* Fine Mesh Strainer

Combine herbs and honey: Place herbs in the bottom of a jar and fill the jar almost to the top with honey. Stir to coat the herbs with honey. Top off with more honey to fill the jar.  Wipe the jar rim with a clean cloth and cover tightly.

Tip: Label the jar with the contents and date so you don’t forget!
For best results use pasteurized or spring raw honey.

  1. Infuse: Let the herbs infuse for at least 5- 6 days. When the herbal tea floats to the top, turn the jar over. You should do this once or twice per day. This will ensure the herbal tea is well coated and will enhance the infusion. For a more intense flavor, infuse for another week.
  2. Strain: Lay the paper towels or cloth on the counter. Place the strainer on top of the clean jar and slowly pour the honey/tea infusion into the jar. Depending on the amount of honey and herbal tea and the size of the strainer, you may need to do this in stages.4. Storage: Store the honey in a tightly covered jar in a cool, dry place. It will last indefinitely.Add a bow and this makes an excellent gift – Over the years we’ve encountered people who were allergic to oranges and roses so make sure you include an ingredient list in case someone has allergies.

    Suggestion -You can use the leftover herbs to make a cup of honey flavored herbal tea.